Rest easy knowing you’ve got the best of the best. All of our bundles are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe! *unless otherwise stated*

We are Siobhan and Aimee. OG Brisbane girls who moved to Melbourne, and we’re two ride or die besties who decided to start a business together. We do everything together - live, work, travel...why not this too 😅

We are very passionate about clean, sustainable living and with Siobhan becoming a first time mum that passion only intensified as she only wants the best for her little Bean. After a few attempts at different business ideas over the years, one day we were talking about how hard it was being away from our family and friends as we moved interstate, and how amazing it would have been to have some sort of essential baby box for when she had Bean. Something that included all the essentials for both mum and baby. And from that afternoon of talking in the middle of the floor, Love Bean was born! 💕



This wonder woman has a background in sales and logistics, management and operations. Having become a new mum in December 2019, the passion for natural and organic products is more inspired now than ever!



Believes eco, cruelty-free products should form part of everyday life. With a background in hospitality and distribution, this punk rock pocket rocket has a vision to change the world!

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